Our purchasing spend of 35 M€ allows us to propose component prices at competitive levels whilst ensuring that delivery targets are met.

Achat Mondial


  • Global Sourcing of components, PCB’s mechanical and plastic parts
  • Direct Purchasing
  • Supplier Quality assurance
  • Management of modifications and obsolete parts






Logistique Mondial




Efficient Supply Chain management allows us to stay flexible and meet our delivery targets in a fast moving environment

  • Managing fluctuating customer forecasts
  • Traceability of components and products
  • Logistics Contracts in place with suppliers and customers
  • Bonded warehouse



Our manufacturing ethos is based on continuous improvement

  • Optimising the manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • Measuring and monitoring
  • Training

We use proven tools to aid us in constantly improving our performance :

  • QRQC
  • Risk Analysis
  • PDCA, 5S, 8D ...

We are certified by independent audit companies and our customers.




After Sales Service & Repair

Our After Sales Service is another area where Novatech proves its reactivity

  • Dedicated after sales workshops
  • Guaranteed turn around times
  • Peripheral Services
    • Logistics
    • Analysis and reporting
    • Redesign
    • Direct  Customer Deliveries


Maintenabilty, Obsolescence Management, Recycling