Growth and diversification characterise this market sector. Novatech manufactures and reacts to the demands of this fast moving industry.
Be it in the field of Surveillance, image processing, access control or fire alarms, Novatech is an ideal partner, whatever the volumes or complexity of the product.


  • Alarms
  • Detectors
  • Image processing
  • RFID
  • Police vehicle systems





The Multimedia sector is in permanent evolution with increasing requirements for competitive pricing, quality and technical know how. Novatech delivers tested packaged products on a global basis.


  • Satellite Decoders
  • Optical Transmission
  • Internet “Boxes”
  • Hi-Fi Amplifiers - Decoders


Robotics is developing strongly, covering a wide range of needs such as consumer applications, industry, agriculture or medical.

Novatech Know-How :

  • Design & Conception
  • Co-Design, Co-Industrialization, Design to Cost, Design for Manufacturing
  • Electronics, Mechanics (including plastics), Mechatronics, Embedded Software
  • Prototyping, Manufacturing : Preproduction, Mass Production
  • Complex Integration Finished Product
  • Certifications